Increasing Corruption In Western Railway Mumbai Division – Engineering Department

Tribhuvan Vishwakarma, a contractor and worker of Republican Party, has lodged a complain against Arun Kumar Meena, head of South Mumbai Central of Mumbai Division, Western Railway. According to him tender of Zone 4, for year 2019/20, on 12th June 2019, was cancelled with explanation, that it is high, he said same was passed in 2018 by the same officer. This year the compainent reduced the charges, still it was cancelled.

Complaint Tribhuvan Vishwakarma feels that somewhere partiality is being done by any incharge official person, in this situation any contractor can’t work. So he complained to Rail Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, also informad in written to Divisional Officer Western Railway.

He says Contracts are provided to favorite contractors by the officer’s, and they are getting payment on the same day, which is against law.

Tribhuvan Sharma demands enquiry in this matter, why everything is not going through proper channel, senior contractors are being sidelined and other one are being favoured, after filling tender through online, why EMD is not being refunded, why contractors are being harassed, they are getting lots of losses in this procedure.

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