Rrajesh Mallaya owner of M/S Bollywood Film Equipments told about BFE JUMBO JIB 40 FT

To make shooting easy in the film industry nowadays, many devices have come in the market. Rrajesh Mallaya, the owner of the film’s largest equipment company ‘M/S Bollywood Film Equipments’, told in a recent interview that he has many such equipment to make shooting simple as well as make shooting creative.

Rrajesh Mallaya says about BFE JUMBO JIB 40 FT. The BFE JUMBO JIB comes in six different lengths. You can start small and expand later. The BFE jumbo jib is designed for quick setup and breakdown, requiring only one tool.

M/S Bollywood Film Equipments has been renting out equipment used during shooting for a long time. Company owner Rrajesh Mallaya has worked in dozens of films so far, which includes films of almost every big star of the film industry. Rrajesh Mallaya says that apart from his company, there is no other company in India that has provided equipment for shooting more of his films.


Mallaya said that you can get good equipment for low rent only at M/S Bollywood Film Equipments.


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